READ: Non-Functional Testing

Like functional testing, there are non-functional requirements likeperformance, usability, load factor that are also important.


Many times you have come across to long load time messages while accessing an application.


To address this issue, performance testing is carried out to check & fine tune system response times. The goal of performance testing is to reduce response time to an acceptable level. Likewise, you might have seen the message like "Server Busy". Hence, load testing is carried out to check systems performance at different loads i.e. number of users accessing the system.


Depending on the results and expected usage, more system resources may be added. In general there are three testing types

  • Functional
  • Non - Functional
  • Maintenance


Under these types of testing, you have multiple TESTING Level's but usually people call them as Testing Types. You may find some difference in this classification in different resources as per the requirement, but the general theme remains the same. This is not the complete list as there are more than 150 types of testing types and still adding. No need to bother or worry, you will pick them up as you age in the testing industry. Also, note that not all testing types are applicable to all projects but depend on nature & scope of the project. More on this in a later tutorial.

Last modified: Saturday, 11 June 2016, 1:18 PM