Topic outline

  • Testing of PrismHR Web Application

    Software Testing Program, Acton, MA. 

    • 2 QA entry level engineers and 1 expert 
    • 10 weeks about 15 hours per week for each participant 
    • Fully automated Regression and Cross Browser Test Pipeline 
    • Automated Visual Testing platform
    • Detailed customized reporting
    • Ongoing monitoring
    • Test Item Pipeline

      • 1725 Test Items - pages, popup blocks or dropdown menus 
      • Pluggable collection of metadata, HTML snippets and element screenshots 
      • Advanced screenshot and HTML source comparison visualizing differences
      • Bamboo or Jenkins for scheduling, execution and tracking
      • Results overview, categories, test item explorer, trends, attachments, ...
      • Headless cross-browser execution in the Cloud with dockerization
      • Robust, flexible, convenient test automation and analytical framework
      • Dashboards - analytics, results, metrics, ... convenient, flexible, robust

        Overview page hosts basic characteristics of the project and test environment.
        Graphs allow to see different statistics collected from the test data.
        Categories tab gives a way to create custom defects classification to apply for test results.
        Suites tab shows a structural representation of executed tests, grouped by suites and classes.
        Each test step shows all attached artifacts including highlighted HTML and source diffs
        for cross-browser and regression testing.