Topic outline

  • WeCanTest Operational Space

    WeCanTest does not compete with its clients QA processes, but complements them with often postponed test layers and test cases:  


    WeCanTest applies Peter Morville’s classic honeycomb model used to represent the facets of user experience. Each facet is required to achieve the end goal of a well designed experience, but no facet supersedes the others in terms of importance or precedence.

    • WeCanTest Test Automation Framework

      WeCanTest Test Automation Architecture

      • WeCanTest Test Automation Advantages and Key Features

        WeCanTest developed Test Automation Framework that provides:

        • Different types of testing (mobile and web, UI and API, etc)
        • Parallel test execution
        • Automated CI environment provisioning
        • Sharable between teams and team members test infrastructure
        • “One button click starts all” automation

        Key Framework features are:

        • Feature reach test environment - simulation of bandwidth restrictions, latency, timeouts; interception/manipulation with requests and responses and corresponding analysis of API performance 
        • Collateral data collection – framework collects all possible test artifacts during functional test execution – logs, screenshots, page sources, video, API data  
        • Built in transition assertion - each transition (click, page change, etc.) automatically verified
        • Easy to reach visualization - all necessary details of the tests, collected data and its analysis can be easily browsed and queried 
        • Automated Regression verification – AI based analysis for regression that automatically finds and excludes false positives
        • Cloud tools and infrastructure integration - seamless integration with AWS Device Farm (same tests can run either locally or in the cloud)
        • Library of automation utilities - app download from Hackeyapp or app stores, automated app installation on required devices, video quality estimation, network conditions manipulation
        • Easy to use - it's trivial to add new tests using this framework

        • WeCanTest unique qualities and skill set fit great Software Testing needs

          WeCanTest has unique software testing capabilities that may benefit different types of Software. 

          There are just several examples: