Topic outline

  • - innovative educational platform linking study materials with Agile project management and Software Testing tools. is not just an online university with courses on Software Testing, it’s an innovative educational platform linking study materials with Agile project management and tools necessary to execute and automate Software Test Cases. 

    This site has already more than dozen of courses with forums, videos, quizzes and even video-conference classrooms. Students may work on their assignments, follow calendar with notifications and deadlines, check their grades, get badges, chat with their fellow students, ask teachers questions and much more – all this is on After the class students can work on their tasks independently or even completely remotely attending only several necessary face-to-face sessions either in person or online.

    The site has courses developed in cooperation with special education teachers and specifically tailored for students that may benefit from well-structured learning materials and work assignments. Let’s take this one as an example - Introduction to Software Testing. Each chapter is clearly divided on certain activities with well-defined directions and supporting questions. We call this group of WeCanTest courses – Course of Actions. Courses that concentrate on specific Software testing topics are called Library Courses. also collects repositories of test cases  and more generic advice on IT topics that help students develop their own solutions.

    Each topic is followed by hands-on practical assignments. For example, after learning about Agile project management students login into their Jira accounts and create tickets organized in weekly sprints. Each class starts with a quick stand-up meeting. We have weekly sprints with exit/entry meeting at the end of each week. goes beyond educational topics and links all tools needed for running successful Software Testing projects:

    •  Jira to create Test Cases, track progress, create and report defects
    • BitBucket source control repository to save and share test automation code.
    • Jenkins continues integration engine to automate build of our test bundles and their execution either on local devices or in computer clouds
    • AWS Device Farm to execute mobile app tests on the variety of different mobile devices and configuration in the Amazon Computing Cloud.

    The key approach of in its main menu that gives students a clear path to success in Software Testing projects = Plan, Study, Target, Test, Automate, Report

    • Plan – with one of the WeCanTest “Course of Actions”
    • Study – dig into specific Software Testing topics with extra courses at WeCanTest Software Testing Library
    • Target – follow WeCanTest links about the product you plan to test, company, industry and scenarios where this product is developed and used
    • Test – create test cases in your Jira project linked to your WeCanTest account, run tests, record results of all steps.
    • Automate – clone test sources from WeCanTest BitBucket account, build them with Jenkins engine and deploy them in the Cloud
    • Report – compile and provide results with WeCanTest developed metrics and Analytics.

    WeCanTest! brings value to its corporate sponsors and brings back to community helping students to create career in Software Testing.