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  • Kimberly Rockers, Chief Executive Officer, Milestones Day School

    One of our chief responsibilities is to teach skills that prepare students to gain college and career readiness as well as the tools to become successful, independent adults. Learning about software testing was eye opening for many of our students who enjoy technology. WeCanTest enabled software testing to become a possible viable career opportunity for them.
    • Ben Ho, Senior Engineering Manager of Mobile Products, Everbridge

      Working with WeCanTest has been very positive for the team at Everbridge. Their set of evolving capabilities and skills greatly compliments the Everbridge quality strategy. That’s particularly challenging, given that WeCanTest needed to apply the bleeding edge of mobile test automation with industry best practices and cloud computing. They’ve also been highly responsive to our changing needs as we identify and close real-world quality gaps in our mobile products. In turn, their work identified major bugs in our development cycle and helped Everbridge maintain our mission-critical standards for reliability. I’ve personally met the WeCanTest team and have been consistently impressed with their pace of learning and their enthusiasm for the leading technologies and their application in the business world.
      • Michael Labbe, Principle QA Engineer, PrismHR

        We trusted WeCanTest with all of our Online Help Automated Testing. The team is great. Getting WeCanTest engaged saved us a lot of time and effort, and the process was easy and smooth. Continuing to work with WeCanTest is a no brainer.
        • Charlie Kelly, program participant and current intern

          Since getting involved with WeCanTest, my life and prospects have changed dramatically. During the course, my love for computer programming was re-awakened after years of dormancy. Now I am participating in WeCanTest’s internship program, putting my new skills to use on real projects. I cannot express how meaningful an experience this has been for me. I will be able to obtain a full-time job as a QA engineer, stop collecting disability, and finally achieve my dream of financial independence.