Technology Stack - WeCanTest applies the industry most popular and advanced tools and technologies

WeCanTest uses the industry most popular and advanced Software Testing tools, technologies and methodologies.

This video briefly shows:

  • WeCanTest test device pool that includes emulators, simulators, physical devices and devices in the Cloud seamlessly integrated into a single robust CI/CD framework 
  • Appium Studio for developing Appium based mobile automated tests
  • Appium Desktop environment to record and run Appium automated tests
  • Eclipse IDE to code and maintain Java based test automation programs
  • GitHub repository for WeCanTest team collaborative work on the same code base
  • Java test automation program implemented according to Page Object pattern with Appium annotations that allow to maintain a single code base for different OS - iOS and Android
  • Jenkins based central test manager that allows easy setup of verification cycles either in parallel or sequentially on multiple devices, emulators and simulators on-premises and in the Cloud
  • WeCanTest adjusted reporting package that provides information on each step of a test cases and includes deep insights on the software test runs
  • Jira Test Management with automatic test case creation and status updates for each new cycle

Last modified: Monday, 4 September 2017, 10:24 AM