Summary of Everbridge Mobile App (EMA) Test Project

This video demonstration all important steps of EMA verification cycle

  • EMAappium GitHub Java repository 
  • EMA automated tests implemented according to Page Object pattern 
  • Appium Java annotations allow to use single code base for different OS - iOS and Android 
  • WeCanTest Mobile Lab with Jenkins based interface that allows easy setup of verification cycles either in parallel or sequentially on multiple devices, emulators and simulators 
  • Test runs with large number of assertions allowing to test each corner of the app 
  • Advanced reporting that drills down to the status of each step in the test case 
  • Reporting dashboards demonstrating all aspects of the test runs, stats timelines and metrics 
  • Seamless integration with Mobile Cloud (AWS Device Farm) that allows WeCanTest Mobile Lab to run tests on any popular device 
  • Full scale Jira Test Management integration with automatic test case creation in Jira and their status updates for each new cycle

Last modified: Monday, 4 September 2017, 10:15 AM